Giorgia Vergamini, born in 1991, is an artisan who stands out for her know-how in leatherworking and a refined aesthetic taste. Fascinated by the techniques and tools of traditional leathercraft, she produces bags and accessories with her own hands, with the intention of creating feminine and sophisticated objects, while maintaining the raw and pure charm of leather. After two years of experimentations and customized works in her atelier she founded her own brand RARO, with the aim of spreading a minimal and contemporary vision of high-end leathercraft, conceived for the enterprising modern woman.

Amoureux collection evokes the provocative and bohemian charm of a holiday on the French Riviera in a hazy summer, characterized by a romantic and sensual atmosphere. The styles are both provocative and delicate, effortless yet elegant, designed for a woman who loves to play with her femininity. The shapes recall classic and timeless models, reinvented with essential and clean lines to allow pastel shades to impose themselves immediately upon minimalist designs. An ode to a femininity that is sometimes childish, lighthearted but always graceful and harmonious.