Born in 1989 in Naples, He moved to Milan to study at the Istituto Marangoni where he graduated. Later he worked at Dolce&Gabbana in the Design Office. Moving towards a rigorous and postmodern aesthetic, his Milanese years were decisive to form the designer’s character. It is there that he secures a creative independence leading him to the foundation of his own brand with the Fall Winter 2018. Since the beginning the production has been solely based in Italy. Each item of clothing has been uniquely designed and hand crafted under specific guidance and supervision. This brand was set up in order to allow the designer to represent his vision of the fashion world, and to create a feminine style in keeping with a specific aesthetics. His vision involves reinterpreting in a modern way the hedonism of the 80s and the pragmatism of the 90s and decipher in the contemporary eclectic woman of today. The collection appeals to the ambitious, selective and independent woman. Currently living between Naples and Milan, representing respectively the explosiveness of his origins and the scene for feverish research, marking a point of convergence for thrilling creations. In December 2018, during the XXIII ed. of the “Ago d’Oro – Special Edition Partenopeo” award, he recieved the prize as emerging designer.

Self-love, pushed to excess. She needs to consider herself the beginning and the end of her being, she does not recognize herself in a condition of creature subjected to the ordered regime of things. She wants to be sovereign of herself, autonomous and independent. She claims to deserve a privileged position. She does not stop at the primordial concept of projecting the self beyond its own reality. She takes her opinion to the next level, not hating others, she is simply not interested in the imposed critical judgment; she is a woman proud of herself, of what she is, uncertain about the future but animated by the firm, intimate, unshakable conviction of possessing exceptional qualities, conscious of her abilities, and of her own value. The first priority is the freedom to express oneself in every occasion, always. The proportions, almost androgynous, are characterized by well-defined volumes on the shoulders and by the revisited tuxedo; but the silhouette, shamelessly feminine, proposes mini or maxi dresses with deep slits, miniskirts and ample blouses. There seems to be no room for half measures. The shiny surfaces of the satin and the sparkling ones of the sequin embroidery accompany the figure in her intercede, the elegance of evening dresses is reworked, between glitter and metal-look knits, in partywear and disco versions.