Roberto di Stefano was born in Switzerland and spent his early years in Zurich. He studied Art and Fashion Design at Rome’s Scuola Internazionale D’Alta Moda and at Esmod University in Berlin. Upon completing his degree, he collaborated with some of the world’s top luxury brands in places like London, New York and Hong Kong, working both as a designer and as a product manager, thus familiarizing himself with the complexities of the fashion industry’s full production cycle. In February 2017, he presented his first collection of bags and accessories at the White fashion show in Milan, capturing the eye of international buyers and press alike, thanks to the sharp, clean look of his creations.

Roberto di Stefano is presenting his fourth collection of handbags and accessories for SS19. Eclectic creations featuring a decisive, clean, contemporary style, embodying the young spirit of the Swiss designer. A transformative aesthetic operation that surpasses the classic canons of taste and beauty, transporting them towards something totally unique, tending towards freedom of thought and creation. An inspirational “flight”, from where it is possible to see the moment of departure with a new capacity for synthesis and perspective. It is from here that the creative labyrinth of Roberto di Stefano takes shape in accessories with an essential, yet never ordinary design, groundbreaking works to be explored with the eyes, to be held in the hands, deconstructed and reconstructed once again according to their use. The pathway is marked by oxymora that move beyond the classic canons of taste and beauty, deconstructing them and exploring new possibilities in meaning, in a context with the sweet and magnificent flavor of an ironic universe, and the cold concrete nature of rigorous design. Every element of the collection traces a precise conceptual map of the stylist’s vision, while at the same time revealing aesthetic intent: exploring the world, experiencing cultural, social and artistic trends, inspired by and aware of their relative preconceived opportunities, to then instigate a radical overturning of thought through the creative process. Objects designed to be worn by a woman with a brilliantly genial and spontaneous character, a spirit that can be immediately recognized as the most refined in nature. The collection is entirely made in Italy by master leatherworking artisans in Milan workshops, using custom-made leathers and materials of the highest quality, paying homage to the culture behind the product and the expertise of Italian workmanship.