The inspiration for Roi Du Lac comes from the founders Marco Kinloch and Antea Brugnoni Alliata’s love of their home and lifestyle in Italy. At the moment presenting ready-to-wear and accessories collections, both for men and women, Roi Du Lac is an Italian brand, with a French name and a Scottish heritage. Marco’s hand-painted drawings in watercolors are transferred into original prints that are worn by those with a bold style and a passion for quality 100% Made In Italy. Each collection tells a particular story from Marco and Antea’s world journeys and the countries that have touched them on a special way.

Press Office: Beatrice Raddi beatrice@roidulac,com

This time, the designer is inspired by Japan, giving a ‘Roi du Lac interpretation’ to the Edo period (also known as Tokugawa), with particular attention to the studies of Impressionist painters influenced by Japanese art, such as Vincent Van Gogh. The top quality of the fabrics, along with on-going stylistic research and sophisticated prints, brings a high-level product, made with great attention to details, as seen on the handmade drawings and personalized buttons. Bold colors, floral prints, and maxi-figures dress a sophisticated and cosmopolitan clientele.