A sport-couture style characterized by garments with complex shapes and imperceptible details that emphases quality and craftsmanship: Salvatore Vignola’s esthetic transforms concepts in dresses for the everyday life, maintaining woman’s body as the focal point of this creations. The fabric research is incredibly wide and combines the love for precious fabrics – like silk and high quality wools – with the use of more common ones like poplin, introducing innovative textiles such as soy tulle and hemp denim. The true guiding principles of the brand are loyalty to Made in Italy and the care for the environment, so the suppliers must be all certified by Italian lows. Salvatore Vignola creations are inspired by a strong dualism that contains elements from opposite worlds: male and female relive in graceful dresses or extremely austere ones, and the color palette often matches contrasting colors or complementary ones in the same collection. Iconic elements of the feminine wardrobe like miniskirts and sheaths are reinterpreted in a contemporary key, without forgetting some references to men’s clothes, revised according to a feminist vision. The matching point between passionate research, creative inspiration and esthetic sensibility gives life to an extraordinary and elegant style, giving a sort of protection to face every day’s life, and providing personal considerations to relevant social issues

1994 was a crucial year for Salvatore Vignola, a three year-old child with a fervent imagination and boundless curiosity. A year marked by different events and coincidences that brought him to grieve to the sea abysses and its inhabitants, seen by the eyes of a young creative mind. It was the year when Vignola learned how to swim with his eyes open, looking for mermaids, imagining enormous castles of stones and shells. Everything around Salvatore brought him to the sea, and through the TV he discovered what was happening in the world: it was the year of the swimming world ones in Rome, the year when the Channel Tunnel was inaugurated – the tunnel with the longest submarine route of the world – between France and England, where Domenico Modugno, an Italian artist that sang “Delfini”, died. In the 1994 Matthew Barney presented “Cremaster 4”, a complex artwork that weaves art, cinema, video games and performance art, The movie was made on Man’s island, in Great Britain, land of the artist and place where in 1961 was given the last money reward to who was able to find a mermaid or the concrete proof of its existence. “25 years ago” is a homage to the sea, an invitation to protect and respect it, remembering that from our choices it depends the fate of whole ecosystems. It’s a callback to the responsibility toward the environment, whose destruction will provoke within 2100 a raising of the waters than at least 65 centimeters.