Haute couture, luxury and elegance are the three words that express better the identity of the new brand Sartoria 74. It is a factory of small and big dreams. Fine fabrics, stylistic research, imagination and creativity accompany the creation of magnificent collections. The idea comes from the creative genius of Couturière Francesca Ciccarelli. She has been grown up in this refined world, influenced by the Neapolitan sartorial tradition; she has tried, since she was a child, through teachings that have been handed down from generation to generation, in the most exciting of adventures: giving dreams.

The new spring / summer 2020 collection SARTORIA 74 continues with the tuxedo trying to best interpret what the brand represents: the class and the elegance of the Italian woman. In this collection we will see the tuxedo transformed into fanciful jumpsuits, elegant shirts, dresses and skirts all made in uniquely Italian fabrics.