SG83 is a start-up that is autonomously developing thanks to creative and managerial skills of a young designer and entrepreneur: Silvia Gatti, founder of the brand and still a believer in Italian craftsmanship, a concept on which she based all her work. All that emerges from the design of the products and detailed and innovative shapes. SG83 is a young developing brand which is totally made in Italy and that will not go unnoticed: it has a captivating design and uses accurately selected row materials for durable and functional handcraft bags. SG83 is a new brand styled by Silvia Gatti and it is strongly influenced by a Modern Vintage taste. This is a project that has been recently launched and the company makes and self-produces woman’s bags collections for a sophisticated woman, to be distributed in high level boutiques.

“Around the future” collection takes inspiration by the art and game’s world; elements like the Rubrik’s cube and the abstract forms of Mondrian’s Neo-plasticism often appear into bags. A combination of colored joints, pieces of leather, geometric shapes, combinations of materials such as leather, PVC, paint, bakelite and silver details, help to make up a capsule that addresses to a modern, dynamic, refined woman sometimes scratchy and out of the schemes. Art and game come together with that magical and rebellious French atmosphere of 1968. Silvia Gatti’s bags for “SG83” contain all this: a reference to the past, an historical change, that she would have liked to live. Her muse is a true icon: the rebellious and unscrupulous Brigitte Bardot. SG83’s bags contain artist’s passions, like the vintage style, and her bond with Parma, the city where She was born and raised. The style of “SG83” is graphic and trendy but sober and appealing at the same time. What emerges is always the craftsmanship brought up-to-date through the design. The designer says‘’ my bags are many things in one, they are like me: they represent my personality, my character. Everything about SG83 is never really what it seems like. The secret is to see past appearances and play with the product“. B.B. is the iconic bag of the collection.