SKIM is a swimwear brand. SKIM is outdoor minimalism, pool’s luxury and performance in the water. SKIM is Made in Italy, it is fabric’s technology, and it is aesthetic. The meeting between the man and the sea is the starting point of a 100% eco-friendly swimwear and the designers Stefania D’Uva and Stefano Satgia translate this concept into a product inspired by oriental Sardinian’s shores. Through its pieces, the brand wants to challenge the idea of fast-fashion in favor of a fashion capable to renew itself.

Especially for Showcase, the brand comes up with six pieces for women and three for men in total black, teal, and printed versions. The high-tech organic based yarn of each garment comes from nature, being extracted from castor-oil plant through a patented eco-friendly manufacturing process. Its performance in and out of water is better than those made of polyamide. Following a minimalistic design aesthetic, the shapes goes beyond the idea of seasons for a new expression of trend research developed in each collection. Stefania D’Uva and Stefano Satgia have found their inspiration in the Mediterranean nature of Oriental Sardinian shores and SKIM represents the need to re-think the future for all who wants to swim in unpolluted water and be an eco-fighter.