Actuality, Ecosustainability and Originality. Here is how the soul can be synthetically represente by Tiziano Guardini, a young and talented Fashion Designer who loves nature and fashion, contexts that are apparently antithetic but on the contrary very well harmonized in his creations. Tiziano Guardini has been repeatedly reviewed by the specialist press such as NY Times, Vogue, Interview and has been defined by Corriere della Sera “the designer of nature”. On October 2017 he won the “Franca Sozzani GCC Best Emerging Designer” and the “Peta Couture Award”, on February 2018 he showed his collection during the MFW and the “The Next Green Talents” exhibition. Nowadays the true luxury is the chance to live in harmony with life in our modern times and to look at the future with hope and serenity and this is the path that Tiziano Guardini is following through his work.

The collection “Colorfull Mountains” created by the Eco-designer evoques the power of lightning, the barefoot steps on the colorful mountains of the Zhangye Danxia Geopark and the newly-found intertwining with nature. Here comes again a woman, a dynamic lady projected into the vitality of life, whose muse is enrobed in garments that celebrate life itself. Over 20 pieces that reflect the most intimate soul of the designer, and which are the outcome of thorough research, study and experimentation to put into practice his cruelty-free philosophy of life and respect for the environment, in cooperation with companies that share his sustainable concept of life. Of all the items that make up his fashion collection stand out the pieces in eco-denim realized thanks to the participation of Isko with the line Earthy Fit, garments that were granted the prestigious Nordic Swam Ecolabel Certification. The re-elaboration of these fabrics has led to garments that can show at times that couture-like touch given by the softness of organza, thanks to the use of innovative technologies.