Paola Gennari Santori has been involved in sustainability for many years and is now presenting the UNA SERA collection, a brand of footwear that is 100% Made in Italy. She created the brand in 2016 to encourage the development of sustainable products with an artisan, hand-crafted quality. The UNA SERA collections start off in a studio and stand out due to the sartorial level of manufacturing at the highest level: valued materials with guaranteed origin, excellent finishes, extremely wearable models that can be customised and made also as one-of-a-kind. It is perhaps this connection to something that can last in time that brought Paola to create a collection drawing its inspiration from the boudoir; once, the very private and personal space of a sophisticated woman, today an area where she can express a conscious and independent femininity that should never be flaunted.

No longer seasonal, but constantly in the here and now with a design that focuses on valued craftsmanship and uses top quality certified materials. These are the elements of Spring Summer 19 UNA SERA collection. A collection that wants the wearer to feel “more”: more excited, more unconventional, more decisive in playing with her femininity.

“… My aim is to offer sophisticated footwear, linked to private moments and in line with current trends, both as regards fashion and interior design: the Boudoir. A collection with an added twist, which gives a weighted step to my ideal woman: a lively person, intelligent and totally feminine. UNA SERA boudoir shoes are not ostentatious, but evoke experience and pleasure. A perfect outfit for daywear and “after-dark”.”