VALENTINA L FONTANA SRL was founded in January 2018, achieving the creative dream of a young woman, Valentina Lucia Fontana, and turning it into reality. With the Fall Winter 2018-19, collection 0, the designer along with the Project Manager Gianni Serra succeeded into putting together a work team that, as of today, includes: Studio Punto Zero as producer, Creative and More as Brand Management Agency, Milk Showroom as manager of the selling network and Next Agency as press office. The made-in-Italy product, manufactured with attention to details, places itself in a medium-high price range. VALENTINA L FONTANA is addressed to the 21st century feminists, who take a stand and make a statement using fashion as a means. The brand creates uniforms for the everyday women that bring their personality around the world, with elegance, selfconfidence, irony and discrete sensuality.

Egon Schiele’s portraits, that underline the link between body and soul, inspired the Spring Summer 2019 by VALENTINA L FONTANA, FEMALE FEELINGS. The power of the Viennese artist’ pieces, translated into items of clothing intended for the feminists of the 21st century, who are not ashamed of their feelings, and through wearing the uniform made by the designer, bring into the world their multifaceted personalities every day. The shades of red, yellow and green fade when pulled together with beige and dark blue. The collection sees a geometrical and blended printing that disorients the straight lines of the clothes and creates unexpected superimpositions. The fabrics used are: viscose, linen blend and cotton, where macro lace makes its appearance, the only note of black that reminds the painters’ stroke. The bidimensional frills, that acquire three-dimensional perspective when there’s movement, are the whim allowed to the VLF women for this season.