Visone is a brand specialized in the creation of fashion accessories. The main objective is to create something innovative expressing the value of Italian artisanal tradition, together with the most innovative design.
Visone handbags are totally produced and processed in Italy by expert artisans which make the product’s manufacture high quality. The leather used are accurately chosen and processed by tradition, making the product unique and suitable for the costumer’s exigencies.
The brand’s objectives are entirely finalized to the creation of accessible luxury accessories, keeping faith in the Italian artisanal tradition, and to supply a product in a perfect relationship with costumer.

For the Fall-WInter 2018 collection, Francesco Visone presents a collection starting from heterogeneous inspirations: from the art of intertwining as a technical acquisition, to substantialized Art Déco, and again to the style of the early 20’s. Common aim: to narrate.
Glittering and colorful rock, studs, golden accessories and bas-relief-laminated leathers, recount the mundane parties of the past century 20’s. A leap towards the celebrations narrated in F. S. Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”.
Explicit, almost paraded luxury. Embroideries and quilts tell the typical Art Déco pictures. A process that goes through the stylist’s minimal vision. A
balance reached through the usage of natural, simple and greatly high quality materials.
Versatile models, suitable for all the exigencies of a woman continuously mutating and moving. Evening lines blended with other diurnals, subdued and deconstructed – still in faith with the brand’s identity.