Voodoo Jewels is a project which arises from the need to liberate the jewel from the classic idea of a precious object, linked to the use of noble and expensive materials. The brand follows a more contemporary design vision: the uniqueness lies in the creative and productive capacity, rather than the rarity of the materials. The collections are created by the study of the natural world and the relationship between mankind and nature. The extreme materiality of the object is linked both to the desire to reproduce the natural surfaces, and the need to communicate a sense of authentic artistry. The full production of Voodoo Jewels jewelry is handmade by Livia Lazzari in collaboration with some Roman goldsmith masters. It’s a km zero production that involves only local realities. A choice dictated by the need to support the net of small businesses and to ensure a very high quality.

In the circle of life, pollination is a fundamental process to guarantee the evolution of the species. It’s a contamination, a magical process in which natural elements like air and water are involved, together with many living beings. On this spontaneous and engaging phenomenon is based Ambrosia, the new Voodoo Jewels collection. The name refers to some tropical flowering plants, but It’s also the word from the ancient Greek myths, used to define the “nectar of immortality”. An elixir for gods that, exactly as pollination, makes life eternal. Jewels in their shapes are inspired by the slow twisting of pollen in the wind, they evoke natural elements as tropical seeds, flower petals, and butterfly wings. The colors used for the collection remind to the flower explosion during the Spring. Ambrosia is a contamination of different shapes and elements, melted together in an apparent natural chaos. A scented wind that carries millions of small particles and creates new forms of life. It’s a new species based on the randomness of beauty.