Valentina Lucarelli was born, lives and works in Abruzzo and after graduating from high school, she graduated in law.

Although constantly engaged in the study She shows a strong interest in fashion, trends and especially in jewels ending up building in 2016 its brand named “VuElle“ which is a brand with a minimal taste line of jewels both sophisticated and refined but at the same time easy to wear and comfortable as well suited to the needs of a modern and dynamic woman with also attentions on details.

She attended the course in “Design of jewellery and bijoux” at the Costume Academy and Fashion of Rome.

The jewels she designs are rigorously handmade piece by piece by expert craftsmen and obtained from the continuous search for simplicity, purity and minimalism; They are inspired by the concept “Less is more” and they are characterized by clean and essential lines that make special every single creation.

The project, after a long incubation period, explodes in all its vehemence after a trip to Portugal where the inspiration that she always held in mind, emerged together with the courage to shape a dream for too long held in the drawer.

The Perolas collection, a Portuguese translation of the term pearls is designed and drawn by Valentina Lucarelli in honour to Portugal, the place where it all began.

The unique style of each piece and the incontestable and timeless elegance of pearls mixed with a touch of modernity make the Perolas capsule absolutely unforgettable and full of attraction for a dreamy and romantic woman who loves to seduce with details of absolute refinement and originality.