Officina nr3 is a small, ambitious lab that combines essences, colors and temperatures to create something unique.
Founded by two young architects from Treviso with a love of fashion, this dynamic workshop aims to study the processing of new materials.
Sara Da Dalt and Sheila Pierobon come from a long experience in interior design, always in contact with artists, artisans, materials, textures and colors.
From here began the first experiments in combining various surfaces that cross the boundaries between architecture and fashion, removing sectoral limits.
Woobag comes from wooD in the name and the fact. A collection of bags with passion for the materials, the scent of wood and delicacy of genuine leather. Wood is the dominant ingredient, more precisely a thin sheet of real wood which, having undergone a long process, is soft and flexible like leather. Each bag is made in a traditional way; the sheet of wood is processed and stitched to leather to give life to a noble and unique object. The tactile sensation, the reflections of light and of the Wood’s grain, different in each bag, make each unique.

The Woobag Fall – Winter 2019/2020 collection develops three main themes: Nature, Tradition and Style, which are based on all the classic Woobag models.
The new essences which are protagonists will be the European ash, the Oak and the Zebrano, typical of West Africa and a Sweden briar root . The essence of the most precious woods is accompanied by the real leather. Nature is part of the philosophy of the brand. The theme of “Nature” is represented by the tones of natural elements: Sand tan, Leaf green ash and earth brown ash. The theme of “Tradition” is represented by the Zebrano, which has become the essence of every Woobag collection, a timeless classic. The last theme, the “Style”, introduces the new essence: the briar root. Its particular surface is a reminiscent of the precious Cocco print leather. The colors of the style of the next cold season are the red aubergine, the off-black and the Regency blue.