The brand YEKATERINA IVANKOVA has been founded in 2017 by Yekaterina Ivankova born in Kazakhstan. In 2000 she moved in Italy and in 2013 she completed fashion design post diploma course at Polimoda in Florence. His passion for Central Asia, its culture and the art of handmade product gave birth to the first collection of the brand. A trip in Asia to discover the silk ,to smell the perfumes, the culture of the handmade fabrics in particular ikat fabric, combination of technique and nature to create an unique product. In the latest collections, sustainability is definally part of the brand. Reworked, recycle and reuse of vintage garments make them became unique pieces. YEKATERINA IVANKOVA …After a long trip ,after a day of work you always return home

…After visiting a beautiful place you always try to come back to visit it again … For the collection “Ritorno” i was inspired by my return after a long trip to the place where i was born in Kazakhstan in the late 90s. Vintage denim jacket, tranches used a lot in that period change their shape. The whole collection is made with original vintage garments reworked by changing their shape and size. A contamination between them means that all items become unique pieces, taking the typical Central Asian flavor and imprint. Upcycling, Reuse, Remode