Who is On Next?



Considering the current health care emergency in Italy and the ensuing restrictions to the ordinary activities of the individuals and companies who may be interested in participating in the next edition of “Who is on Next?”, Altaroma – with a view to encouraging maximum participation – has decided to further extend the deadline for the submission of applications to 12 midnight of 29 May 2020.

In order to protect everyone’s health and to limit travel, the materials and the application form must be sent in digital format only via WeTransfer (or a similar software) to the following certified e-mail address: whoisonnext.altaroma@pec.it 

Applicants are exempt from sending materials which cannot be sent in digital format (fabric samples).

If you have already submitted your application in paper form, please also submit a digital copy of your application as described above, so as to facilitate the work of the Committee of Experts.

The finalists of the 16th edition of “Who is on Next? 2020” will be selected by 15 June 2020.

The presentation of the finalists in Rome will take place in September 2020. Like all the other fashion shows, Altaroma July 2020 has indeed been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so it will take place from 15 to 17 September 2020.

Altaroma reserves the right to change the way the presentation will take place in order to comply with any future prescriptions of the competent authorities and to ensure the best possible result while protecting everyone’s health.

Meetings with the Committee and with the international Jury may take place online during the various stages of the selection process. Participants will be asked to provide photo/video materials which Altaroma will distribute to the press and to buyers through its digital channels.

Considering difficulties in the supply chain until workshops and manufacturers restart their activities, it will be possible to present also collections which do no meet all the requirements listed in the Regulations. For the purposes of the selection, the Committee and the Jury will also consider seasonless capsule collections that can best represent the DNA of a brand.

In light of the difficult situation and with a view to providing even greater support to designers and to encouraging maximum participation, the selected finalists are authorized in advance to take part in other competitions, selections or projects that award a mention or a prize (whether in cash or not) promoted in Italy by other bodies/institutions/companies and/or in trade fairs, except for initiatives which will take place at the same time as Altaroma.

NB: The provisions of the Regulations not in line with the contents of this message are to be considered no longer valid and expressly derogated from.